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Who's behind?

Green Education is an international project which rejoices the support and the collaboration of people from most European countries,as well as India and Australia.

My name is Stefan Jaleru, 26 years old, born in Galati, Romania, living at the moment in Valencia, Spain. In 2008 I have graduate the Romanian-American University with a degree in IT Management and immediately after I decided to take the trip of a lifetime for 5 months in Asia (AsianPaths) accompanied by my best friend. We have spent more than 2 months backpacking around India, trying to avoid the annoying cliche of the European tourist and actually see India for what it is. In January 2009, we had the pleasure to be hosted by two wonderful IT specialists, Vinay and Googie in Bangalore, active users of Couchsurfing, who guided us and showed us the reality of Karnataka province.

A few months after this trip, I have decided to put thought into action, and start a relatively small educational project which would not involve financial help from the private or public sector. This is how Green Education came to life. I have run the ideas by a few people and I have always received positive feedback and support which gave me the strength to take this project further.

Fuelled by all the support, I have researched in detail the most economic and sensible ways of making GreenEducation happen. However, the budget does not include personal expenses of any of the people involved, as all the participants are volunteers and will be covering their own expenses. I had great support from many people which made a financial effort to see GreenEducation happen.

You might be wondering why India? I have chosen India because against all cliches it is actually one of the countries with the smallest number of computer users and also because having already built a connection with the people from that area, this Project has a bigger chance to have a long life over there, than a one-off Project for just a short-term.

India has a population of 1.3 billion people, where only 8% is computer literate. This lab wants to enable a path towards knowledge, access to information and help implement a modern style of education in a rural environment where at the moment the students have no chance of breaking into the modern world.

Who exactly is a part of Green Education? Well, it is all of us: those who volunteer, those who donate, those who spread the word and most importantly you! You, by reading these few lines are becoming an active part of Green Education and we do hope you will involve your family and friends in this very special Project.


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